Taoris fic for teukiewings. I got inspired to write this after listening to Unfaithful by Rihanna. This fic is really loosely based on this picture but I think it came out OK.


Tao silently curses to himself as he looks at the clock.


He’s late. He had promised to be there at 10:00PM but he couldn’t bring himself to leave tonight.

It wasn’t supposed to have gone on as long as it has. He knew he was putting his relationship at risk but he didn’t care. And in the moments when guilt washed over him, he was able to quickly put it aside when those burning lips met his in a passionate kiss.

But those lips weren’t supposed to be on him in the first place. It was supposed to be Kris who kissed him senseless, leaving him breathless and wanting more. It was supposed to be Kris’s touch burning his skin, sending him over the edge and into nirvana. It was Kris’s arms that he was supposed to be embraced in; warm, supportive, and loving. But it wasn’t; at least, not until tomorrow night when he returns.

It was easy for him to leave in the middle of the night since Kris was such a heavy sleeper. Still, he was cautious and made sure his movements were swift and silent. There were times, however, when he thought Kris was awake but it turned out to just be his usual habit of sleep talking. And tonight was one of those nights; quiet words are heard as Kris mumbles into the pillow while Tao walks around the room, picking up his scattered clothing.


Tao finishes dressing and walks over to the nightstand to check his phone.

//1 New Message//

Are you still with him?

Don’t keep me waiting any longer; I miss you.

Tao hastily replies, saying he’ll be there soon and that he misses the other as well. Tao walks over to the other side of the bed, bending down to look at Kris before he leaves.

He must be dreaming, Tao thought to himself as he gently brushes Kris’s bangs back. Kris stirs a little from the slight touch, causing Tao to immediately withdraw his hand. After a few minutes in which Kris turns on his side and Tao watches him do so, Tao whispers  ‘I love you’ against Kris’s hair and places a sweet kiss on his forehead. Tearing himself away before the tears start flowing, he silently opens the bedroom door, walking through the living room and passing the kitchen before he can exit Kris’s apartment. After searching his bag, Tao finally finds his keychain and locks the door, sending a small click resonating throughout the eerie apartment.

If anything, it was that simple sound that told Kris he could stop feigning sleep, as Tao finally left the apartment to be with his lover.


And it was to go on like this for another three months.

Kris would call Tao, inviting him over for dinner. Tao would say ‘Yes’ as he bid his lover goodbye for the day. Kris would make Tao’s favorite dishes, making sure to stop by the bakery to buy him that strawberry champagne cake Kris knew Tao loved. Tao would go shower and get himself ready for Kris, making sure to wear the necklace Kris bought him a few weeks ago. Kris would answer the door when Tao rang the bell. Tao would greet Kris and kiss him until Kris found himself without a shirt on. One thing always led to another and before Kris knew it, he had Tao pinned under him, naked and sweating.

As Tao whispered in Kris’s ears that he was close, Kris couldn’t help but wonder if Tao had said the exact same thing a couple of hours ago to a different man. When Tao bit Kris’s shoulder, he couldn’t help but notice a vibrantly red bite mark on Tao’s neck, one that he knew he didn’t make. But Kris put all of his observations and rambled thoughts to the side, as he came to his own earth-shattering release, pulling Tao’s body closer to him, telling him over and over again that he loved him. And when they sleep afterwards, Kris has to stop himself from crying, as he knows his words mean nothing to Tao anymore.


Tao didn’t think anything of it when Kris texted him, telling him to come over because he had a present for him. So, as usual, he strolls into the apartment building and takes the elevator to the 4th floor, turning right when he exits to make his way to Kris’s place. He should have noticed something was wrong when he saw boxes piled in front of the door. There were also a couple of men discussing how they’re going to move the furniture out and how the TV was going to be handled. Oblivious to all of this, Tao walks into Kris’s opened apartment to find everything packed up.

 “What…?” says Tao outloud.

“So you came. I didn’t think I’d get to see you before I left,” says Kris as he walks out from the bedroom.

“I don’t understand. Are you…moving?” Tao asks.



Kris stares at Tao for a few seconds before asking the movers to leave the room. He walks over to shut the door before turning back to Tao.

“I’m not needed here any longer,” Kris replies while avoiding Tao’s eyes.

“But,” Tao begins as he feels tears starting to form, “I need you!”

“No, you don’t. You have him,” Kris answers quietly.


“How…how did you know? I…I –“

“You what?” says Kris, “You thought I was too stupid not to notice? You thought you were being quiet enough when you left me in the middle of the night? You thought I didn’t notice the marks on your body?”

“When did you f-find out?”

“Three months ago.”

“Why…why didn’t you say something?! Why didn’t you confront me or yell at me or tell me stop?! So…so all this time, you knew, you knew, and you didn’t say anything! WHY?”

“Would you have stopped if I told you to?!”

“YES! YES, I would have. Kris, I’m sorry. Forgive me, stay with me; I’ll stop, I promise.”

Kris looks away and takes a deep breath; he knew he couldn’t refuse Tao anything. When Tao cries like this, desperation apparent on his voice, it took all of Kris’s strength not to grab Tao and kiss him, telling him that he’s forgiven if he promises never to be with the other again.

But Kris knows Tao. And he knows that Tao won’t be able to stop, no matter how many promises are made, no matter how many tears Kris sheds.

Kris lost Tao a long time ago and there was no way of getting him back.

Kris opens his eyes to see Tao still crying, his body trembling and shaking. Kris walks over to Tao and gently cups the side of his face, feeling Tao’s tears run down his hands.

Gently, Kris kisses Tao knowing that this will be the last time he’ll ever feel Tao’s smooth lips on his. It’ll be the last time Tao’s hands grips at his shirt, clawing at him in desperation. It’ll be the last time his tongue swipes Tao’s bottom lip, feeling the way Tao’s body shivers against his.

This is the last time.

As Kris breaks the kiss and releases Tao’s face, he feels tears starting to form in his eyes. Not wanting Tao to see his moment of weakness, he turns his back, preparing to walk out of the door, when he’s suddenly stopped.

“Please,” Tao cries into Kris’s back, “Please…don’t leave me.”

Kris closes his eyes and takes in the way Tao’s body moulds against his back. A soft tap, tap is heard as tears hit the floor.

“I hope he’ll make you as happy as you’ve made me.”

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