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"Yeah, I’m at the airport already," you say to your friend on the phone.

"I can’t believe you’re going to Shanghai. I’m so jealous."

"What? Why? You’re doing cool things too!"

"Ha! Please. Save me the lies. We both know I ain’t don’t nothing right now in Seoul."

"Girl, that guy you met that time at the club. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind."

"Don’t remind me -"

"I’m just saying. You asked and - Ah!"

You feel someone brush past you so quickly that they hit your side and the arm holding your phone. As if in slow motion, you watch as your phone flies from your hands and lands on the ground. Well, what’s left of your phone. Cracked screen, battery lying out in the open, the back piece a few feet away…you definitely weren’t going to be able to tease your friend anymore. You turn around to see what had caused you to drop your phone but you don’t see anyone around you. Angrily, you bend down and pick up the pieces, stuffing the broken machinery into your purse. Standing up, you continue your way to your terminal. Fuck, you thought. How am I suppose to get a new phone this q -

"Tao, you should have apologized."

"Why, Kris? I didn’t do anything wrong. It was her fault for being in my way."

"But it was her phone. Her phone.

"Yeah well, not my problem."

Your ears perk up at hearing the conversation. Obviously, these must be the people who had bumped into you. Or at least, this Tao, specifically. You’re walking behind them so you can’t really see their faces much. Deciding you want a glimpse of the person who ruined your phone, you walk faster and try to get past them.

"Hey! Watch where you’re going!"

Not noticing your surroundings, you bump into a woman. Her coffee goes flying and it spills all over the both of you.

"I’m so sorry," you tell her, immediately grabbing a napkin from your purse and wiping her stains.

"Get away from me!" she shouts, unexpectedly.

Scared, you immediately stop helping her. She looks down at her ruined outfit before turning to glare at you.

"I’m sorry," you apologize, bowing your head.

"Hmph! Young people these days know nothing about manners."

She turns her heels and leaves you still bowing your head. When the sound of her shoes seem distant, you lift your head, glad that she’s gone. That’s only when you look down at your dress and see it completely drenched in coffee, a big stain in the middle. Great, this is perfect. How could this day get any worse -

It did. Because staring at you was the group of guys that had been walking in front, the one with Kris and Tao, the guy who had broke your phone. You start to blush when you feel their heated stares but that’s not the only thing that makes your cheeks turn red.

"Come on, Tao," you hear Kris say.

You advert your eyes and walk the other way, despite that being the wrong direction. At the moment, you just needed to get away from Tao because no one, who broke your phone, should be able to make you feel as flustered and hot as he did when he looked at you through his black sunglasses. You couldn’t see his eyes but you could feel them burning into your soul. At that moment, you hadn’t liked it but now, you’re starting to wonder what it would feel like to have him starring at you like while the both of you were less clothed.

"You should have apologized," Kris repeats.

"Give it up already. I didn’t, okay," says Tao as he runs a hand through his hair. "Why do you care so much?"

"Because…she’s cute."

"So…just because you think she’s cute, should go apologize to her? That doesn’t make any sense.”

"Tao," begins LuHan. "What Kris is trying to say is, you should have been a gentleman."

"Yeah," agrees Lay. "You should have helped her."

"No, he shouldn’t have," says Chen. "She’s old enough to help herself -"

"Shut up, Chen," chimes in XiuMin.

Kris rolls his eyes and turns back to Tao.

"Point is, you should have been a better person. That’s all," Kris says.

Tao grumbles and starts cursing at his bandmates when out of the corner of his eye, he sees the girl from earlier. He turns and watches as she walks into the bathroom, no doubt to clean the big stain on her dress. Smirking to himself, he puts his sunglasses back on and stands up.

"Where are you going?" shouts Lay. "We’re going to be late."



You shout exasperatedly as you attempt to clean the coffee stain on your dress. No matter how much you scrubbed, no progress was made whatsoever. If the stain wasn’t so big, you wouldn’t care but it practically covered your stomach area. Definitely not attractive.

"I can’t walk out like this," you sigh.

"Yes you can. Of course, people are going to stare but why care about them?"

You look up, having recognized that voice yet, you aren’t prepared for your eyes to meet his in the mirror. You turn around and face him.

"W-what are you doing here?" you stutter. "This is the woman’s bathroom!"

"And?" he says.

"You shouldn’t be here."

He chuckles and reaches up to take off his sunglasses in one quick motion. You visibly gulp when your eyes take in his features: he’s too handsome for his own good.

"Says who?"

"I -"

"No one stopped me when I walked in. I think I have every right to be in here, don’t you?"

"B-but -"

He starts walking towards you, his eyes focused on you intently. Your back is already close to the counter so it doesn’t take many steps for you to be completely flushed against it. Boldly, he presses himself against you, with his hands placed on both sides of your body. You’re trapped and, despite the small voice in your head telling you to scream, you don’t mind that he’s got you under him.

"I’m sorry for breaking your phone," he whispers hotly into your ear, his tongue licking the upper lobe.

"I-it’s o-okay -"

"No, it’s not," he responds, his hand moving to your legs; with each word, he slowly trails his hand up inch by inch.

"That wasn’t very gentlemanly of me, don’t you think?"

You stay quiet because your words are caught in your throat. Having Tao so close to you, touching you like this, his hands caressing your soft skin…you tremble under his body.

"What do you say I make it up to you, hmm? The phone…and the dress."

"No, it’s okay. I -"

Tao silences you by swallowing your words with his lips. He leans in even more, pressing himself on you as he kisses you into oblivion. It doesn’t take you long to lose yourself in his lips. The way they softly glide against yours, the way his tongue coaxes yours to come out and play…You forget all about your inhibitions and wrap your arms around his neck.

Smirking into the kiss, Tao picks you up and sits you on the counter. Naturally, you spread your legs for him, not wanting to lose his body heat. But he does pull away and you’re about to chastise him for it when you notice him undoing his pants.

"Are you that eager?" you ask, smirking.

"And you’re not?" he retorts.

"Of course I am. You’re not the only one who’s experiencing some sort of attraction here."

Swatting his hands away from his belt, you undo his jeans yourself, pushing them and his boxers down just enough to reveal his erection. You swipe your thumb over the head, spreading the pre-cum around. Slowly, you wrap your hand around his cock and start moving down to the base. Tao moans and throws his head back as you move quicker, your hand alternating pressure as you go. With you other hand, you grab the collar of his shirt and pull him towards you, capturing his lips in a searing kiss. He breaks away just before you could bite his already swollen lips.

"Stop," he says, placing his hand on yours. "I’m going to cum."

"Isn’t that the point?" you retort.

"Yes but I rather you get some pleasure out of it too."

Tao slips his hand under your dress and pulls down your panties, letting them fall past your ankles before he catches them and places them in his pocket. You blush when you see the red lace sticking out from his jeans but all thoughts escape you when he pushes you to the edge of the counter, the head of his cock teasing your wet entrance.

“What are you doing?” you tell him. “Hurry up!”

“Tch, tch tch. Someone needs to learn how to be patient. I’ll show you how next time.”

“Next time? Wha – AH!”

You scream out in pleasure as Tao pushes himself into you. You grip his arms tightly, digging your nails into his toned muscles as the pain overcomes your body. Your breathing starts to become haggard but quickly the pain makes way for pleasure.

“Move,” you demand him.

“As you wish.”

Resting his hands on your waists, he starts to thrust in and out of you. Your mind starts to wander at the impropriety of what you’re doing right now. You’re fucking a stranger in the middle of a bathroom but damn if it doesn’t feel good…

“Oh my God!” you shout when he hits your g-spot. “There!”

He angles himself so that every push in sends shivers up your spine. Your gripe on his arms starts to slip as the sweat builds between your hot bodies. Soon, you can feel the familiar heat pooling within your body, just begging to be released. Your walls start to clench around his cock, and you know he’s close to ecstasy as well, if his erratic thrusting is any indication. You wrap your legs around his body, pushing him deeper inside of you but all it takes is a few more thrusts for the both of you to cum at the same time, a soundless scream escaping from your lips. Tao rests his head on your shoulder when he finishes moving, having wanted to prolong both of your pleasures for as long as possible. After a few minutes of rest, he pulls out of you and reaches down to put on his pants.

"So, was that payment enough?" he questions.

"Perhaps. I’m not easily sated."

"Is that a challenge?"


Smirking, Tao is about to lean down and kiss you when his phone starts vibrating.

"Shit! The flight," he exclaims loudly.

"Go. You shouldn’t miss it -"

"You’re not getting rid of me that easily."

You look at him questioningly and watch as he grabs his phone from his pocket and puts it in your hand.

"Keep it. This is yours now."

"What? I can’t! It’s fine, I’m just going to get a new one."

"No. You are keeping this phone. End of story."

You’re about to open your mouth and retort wittily but a glare from Tao stops you immediately.

"Fine," you mumble, blushing.

Tao smiles and kisses your cheeks.

"You’re so cute," he says. "I’m glad we did this."

With another quick kiss to your lips, he walks out the bathroom door after, waving at you as he leaves. As soon as the door closes, you start hitting yourself on the head, wondering how on earth you got yourself in this predicament. Sure, you’re attracted to him but to do something crazy like this?

"Ah! Why did I let him do this? Ahh! I must be crazy -"

Suddenly, Tao’s phone starts ringing. You look down at it and see the caller, LuHan, being listed. You hesitate for a few seconds before shyly picking up.


"It’s me," replies Tao. "I forgot to ask you. Where are you going?"

"Shanghai. Why?"

"Hmm. Well, this makes everything so much easier."

"What? I don’t understand."

"It’s okay. You don’t have to but I suspect you’ll figure it out sooner or later. If you want it back, come find me on the plane. I’ll be waiting."

With a click, he hangs up, leaving you speechless.

"What is he talking a - OH MY GOD HE STILL HAS MY UNDERWEAR."

Looks like this is going to be an interesting flight.

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